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Chairman Foreword

Jismi Johari

Malaysian Humanitarian Aid and Relief

"Humanity beyond boundaries". A motto that has been uphold by our organisation to ensure the sustainability of global community. We are very grateful to live in a peaceful and harmonious country. However, that does not stop us from helping others who are in need, domestically and internationally. In rationalising our vision which is to disperse humanity impartially throughout the world, our organisation is currently and has been involved with various local and international humanitarian programs. Our assistance is beyond political borders, diverse racial and religious background. As a humanitarian NGO, we do not limit our assistance to only the unfortunates. Our bigger vision is to empower the public especially the youth by instilling humanitarian and volunteerism spirit inside them, as well as giving them opportunities and exposures to lead projects of their expertise and preferences.

I am very proud of MAHAR. As young as they are, it has developed rapidly as an organisation in the humanitarian field. To date, it has reached to many who are in need guided by the humanitarian general principles, this organisation is strive to be independent without favouring any political and economic goals as well as remain neutral by taking no side in any armed dispute. I strongly believed that MAHAR will achieve its goals to energise and motivate resources, to deploy and strategize expertise. This organisation also aims to provide aid and relief to the community across the globe with help from its partner NGOs, governmental bodies, private sectors and helpful individuals. Through various partnerships with local and international organisations, I am very positive that MAHAR will sustain its humanitarian objectives while broadening network through what it does best.